I draw comics that tell stories which others might not yet be strong enough to tell. My style draws influence from comic strip artists like Bill Watterson, whose simple line work conveys a sense of depth and complexity. My narratives address topics that are often difficult and underrepresented, making them approachable with irreverent drawing and writing. By drawing from my own life experience, I uncloset facets of human experience that would otherwise remain hidden and othered.


cartoon me


For slice-of-life, observational, and autobiographical, visit my comic sad/funny/true. Topics range from weird, to satirical, to political, to random.

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cat asleep in bowl

Places You Find Cats

Who on the internet doesn't love cats?! Visit Places You Find Cats for exactly what you think: comics about places you can find cats. Specifically, how they seem to be able to nap just about anywhere.

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when dawn breaks...

When Dawn Breaks, So Too, Shall You [working title]

Philadelphia, not-too-distant-future: The organization Devorah's Shield provides shelter and services for women trapped in abusive relationships. All of them seem to seek the same thing in their lovers.

Low-level employee Emily [a parody of the cartoonist] finds herself baffled as to why these women keep seeking the same thing, and where it comes from. By transcribing therapy sessions and talking to coworkers and new friends, she tries to get to the bottom of it.

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sayiph cleanse head blessing

Ohr Ein Sof [working title]

Ohr Ein Sof אור אין סוף (Hebrew: roughly, Infinite Divine Light)

Comic based around two women who are warriors from different tribes. It uses Jewish Mysticism and tradition, especially from Mizrahi, Sephardi, and Moroccan Jewish cultures, to build a fantasy world.

I'm still building this out but am expanding on it every day.

For Inktober 2016, I made a complete set of concept drawings which can be seen here.