Military Patch – 276th Cyber Operations Sq., USAF

The 276th Cyber Operations Sq. of the U.S. Air Force needed an official patch for their memorabilia, and I was tasked with this. There was a lot of bureaucracy to get through, as this is a military organization, and strict regulations needed to be followed – namely, a maximum of 6 colors may be used, and 2 of them had to be USAF blue and yellow. The shape is also following specific military design guidelines.

The image itself represents covert operations: a private eye figure looking over the world, which I stylized so that it wouldn’t exactly look like the earth, but allude to it. (This was at the request of those in charge of approving the design.) The “eye” of the profile figure is not just a yellow star but a satellite symbol, hence the line representing its orbit.

USAF cyber operations patch